Dirk Hörig

Dirk Hörig

CEO, commercetools


Dirk Hörig firmly believes that cloud technology will revolutionize the way retailers create business models for the Digital Age. As the CEO and co-founder of commercetools, Europe’s fastest growing cloud commerce platform, he is responsible for the strategic direction of the company. commercetools helps retailers exploit the advantage of cloud technology and new development methods to implement profitable commerce strategies for industry trends such as mobile shopping, omnichannel commerce, or the Internet of Things. Industry analysts predict that APIs, a central element of the commercetools platform, will become a core element of digital commerce initiatives in the near future. 

Dirk Hörig has 15+ years of experience in the E-Commerce industry. He managed and engineered  major industry sites including Puma, Burton, Red Bull and Rewe. commercetools customers currently trade in 50 languages around the globe. The company has 100+ employees with offices in Munich and Berlin, and Durham, North Carolina.