Michel Kaloustian

Michel Kaloustian

Co-Founder & Vice President, Quiqup


Michel Kaloustian is VP, Managing Director and member of Quiqup’s founding team. He joined the London-based logistics startup in its very early days as scrum master, and shortly thereafter was entrusted with general management functions. Michel works closely with stakeholders at all levels to scale day-to-day business operations and ensure the smooth implementation of Quiqup’s strategy.

Through a technological infrastructure and a network of drivers, Quiqup is building an innovative platform that allows retailers of any size and sector to compete in the digital age by offering their customers fast, flexible and efficient on-demand deliveries.

Prior to Quiqup, Michel worked as Project Engineer at Penspen, a firm providing engineering and project management services to the energy industry. From there, he decided to leave Penspen and join the Quiqup team.

Together, they created what Quiqup is today, with the underlying vision of helping people to take back control of their time, and redefine urban logistics for the retail industry. 

Michel holds a Masters in Engineering from Columbia University in New York and a BS in Industrial Engineering from Virginia Tech.