Joanna Perry

Joanna Perry

Head of Marketing, Practicology


Joanna Perry has led ecommerce consultancy Practicology’s marketing, research and thought leadership activity for the past four years as the business has expanded across the globe.

She previously spent 12 years as a journalist and magazine editor covering the technology, ecommerce and retail sectors.

Recent research projects for Practicology have included a report on the ecommerce landscape in China, a ranking report of the omnichannel customer experience provided by 30 UK retailers, and a benchmarking report on the ecommerce localisation efforts of UK and US brands for key markets.

In her last journalism role, Joanna was Special Projects Editor for two weekly UK business magazines – Retail Week and Drapers. Her career in journalism began just before the tech bubble burst in 2000; and she spent the first six years writing for, and editing, magazines focused on enterprise technology, telecoms and their channels to market across Europe.

Prior to joining Practicology she spent a year working as a headhunter focused on senior positions in the retail and multichannel space.

Joanna graduated from The University of Bristol with a BSc (Hons) in Economics and Politics.