Roman Kirsch

Roman Kirsch

CEO, Lesara


Despite being only 28 years of age, Roman Kirsch is an experienced entrepreneur and Business Angel. He is the founder and CEO of Berlin e-commerce start-up Lesara.


He founded his first company (a souvenir shop) at the tender age of 15 and ever since, has been driven by passion to launch and develop businesses. In 2011 he founded Casacanda, an e-commerce company for European design, which was acquired by Fab.com in February 2012. He then spent a year as the CEO of Fab Europe, responsible for the company in 28 countries before leaving.


Kirsch has reaped an abundance of professional experience at Goldman Sachs, Booz & Company and the European Founders Fund. He is currently active as and Business Angel, investor and supporter of young up-and-coming companies such as Amorelie, Todaytickets and Everbasics.


In January 2016, renowned US business magazine Forbes named him as one of the 30 most talented young entrepreneurs in European retail and trade, on their highly acclaimed "30 under 30 Europe" list.