Mieke Veldhuis

Mieke Veldhuis

CCO, Bugaboo International


Mieke Veldhuis, Chief Commercial Officer at Bugaboo, still remembers the first time she saw a Bugaboo stroller. The stroller hadn’t been developed yet, but she got to see an early sketch. She knew right away that the stroller would be game-changer. There was something revolutionary about it. Today, after 16 years of working with the company, Mieke is more passionate about Bugaboo than ever before.

Mieke began her career at Bugaboo as the co-founder right-hand woman. Back then, Bugaboo had a startup mentality, and Mieke was involved with every aspect of the business. Design, marketing and sales have always been intertwined at Bugaboo. Mieke helped pioneer the company’s marketing strategy and eventually moved into overseeing sales, e-business, crm, customer service and HR the departments she spearheads today.  With her oversight, the company has expanded its product innovations into new markets and categories across the world.

Mieke believes in the company’s commitment to performance and people-centered design. When asked why Bugaboo has become such an iconic brand, Mieke smiles and says, “We don’t sell bullshit. We make mega-cool products that change the market.” Mieke is proud of the way Bugaboo has continued to pay attention to what people need and create beautiful products that solve real problems. That is the secret to the company's timelessness. She shares her love of Bugaboo with anyone who will listen, even outside of her role as director of commerce.