Sharon Tighe

Sharon Tighe

Head of Social Media & Community Strategy, eumom


Moms have become a marketer's Holy Grail. Taking into account that they are responsible for 85% of all purchasing decisions in a household, moms are 38% more likely to own smartphones than the regular population and spend twice as much time online.

Sharon Tighe co-ordinates the online journey of over 300,000 moms registered with eumom, Ireland’s largest parenting community. With a dedicated commitment to facilitating relevant communications which add value at all times, Sharon has been analysing the online and offline shopping behaviours of moms through their social media activity, engagement with online ads and email behaviour, as well as directly asking moms what they want from different brands and what channels influence their purchasing decisions. She is currently optimising eumom’s social and community strategy & is instrumental in campaign planning on the site for well-known brands such as Skoda, Johnson & Johnson & Unilever.