Danny Perekalsky

Danny Perekalsky



Danny became a CEO of OZON.ru in March of 2015. Before taking this position, he had been responsible for operations in OZON.ru for a year. The main aim of Danny’s is to help shoppers of Russia to live more convenient and modern life where they can buy everything they need online. Danny himself is making more than a hundred orders per year on OZON.ru getting almost everything needed for his family.

Danny has a wealth of experience in retail. He started his carrier in 1999 in Israeli branch of a research company Nielsen. He then spent a year in 2002 in Great Britain where he received an experience of working in a European division. From 2002 to 2006, he was a head of Nielsen in Israel.

In 2006, Danny moved to Russia with his family due to the change in his carrier: Danny became a head of NielsenRetailBusiness in 22 countries of Eastern, Southern and Western Europe with a headquarter in Moscow. He had never been in Russia before that year despite his great desire and the fact that his mother is from Riga and speak fluent Russian. Danny spent a year in business trips across 22 countries and it became obvious that he needed some changes.

Danny took a position in MetroCash&Carry in 2007 where he worked on marketing and purchasing. After 3 years, he was offered a new opportunity – one of leading positions in a Russian chain of supermarkets “Dixy”. Danny significantly changed the positioning of a company and brought the shoppers to a new “orange” neighborhood’s supermarket. Danny was a part of great changes in a business of “Dixy”. The next challenge has become OZON.ru – online retail.

Since March of 2014 Danny has been living mostly “online” and become a part of a changing culture of purchasing when everything needed can purchased online and the life itself is more convenient and modern.

Danny is married and has two children and a dog. Every Saturday he traditionally cooks pasta Bolognese which his children consider the best in the world.

Danny believes in a teamwork and positive attitude. He daily uses his saying “Идём вперёд!” which means “Let’s go forward!”.