Gemma Sorigué

Gemma Sorigué

CEO & Co-Founder, Deliberry


Gemma Sorigué, is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of Deliberry, Europe's leading online food and last mile delivery company. Deliberry is part of Antai Venture Builder group, creators of Wallapop and Cornerjob, among many other companies. And it is inspired on the American company Instacart, valued at 3’4 billion dollars and named by Forbes as one of the companies with more projection.

Gemma was a member of theLetsBonus  founding team (Top 10 ecommerce companies in Spain) along with Miguel Vicente, founder of LetsBonus, Wallapop, CornerJob, Antai and many more. She was Sales General Manager leading a team of more than 300 people in 8 countries and leading the national and international business. The company was sold to the American company LivingSocial (a company owned by Amazon) and Gemma followed another 2 years as Co-Managing Director working directly with the group's CEO in the US (2009-2014).

Gemma has over 14 years’ experience in the digital sector (since 2003), working in management positions for leading companies such as Atrapalo.com, Emagister.com (Intercom Group), LetsBonus and Deliberry.

She is also one of the leading ecommerce women in our country. She is a regular speaker in many events for being a digital expert, entrepreneurial woman and CEO.