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Malls.Com: Shopping Centers, Commercial Real Estate, and Retail

The goal of Malls.Com is helping to transform shopping malls and retail market to the new age. Now, then traditional retail faced with challenges from e-commerce, online and offline merging in a new form of the business, Malls.Com connecting landlords, retailers, real estate specialists to build better stores, shopping malls, outlets and other retail places.

The project is covering major changes in the retail and real estate business worldwide. Malls.Com has news and articles updated daily, in which we are telling you about new real estate projects, key trends in the retail industry. You may find publications about shopping mall renovation projects, unique stores opening, new brands, concepts,  technology and innovations in retail.

Currently, the project operating in America, Europe, and Asia, more specifically with the largest shopping malls, retail brands and stores directories, as well as retail space offers, news, and analytics.