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EGI Booster

EGI Booster

EGI Booster is an international acceleration program held by EGI Group
This program is vertically focused in SaaS e-commerce / e-retail solutions and target European ambitious B2B Solutions. We have a network of international e-commerce experts, mentors, partners and investors. (

After the program, EGI Group will still help the Start-ups through some of their services:

EGI Ventures: Fundraising. 
We select the most appropriate funds sources to best answer your needs and we guide you all along your discussion with our network of private investors.

EGI Expand: International expantion.
You will benefit from our international network of partners and experts across the world. We can help you to enter into the USA, Latin America, Japan, China, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Poland and Nordics.