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A brand by Enrico Rainero & Partners Srl

We have been involved since 1983 in the Environmental and Social Sustainability and today we have included these experiences in our management strategies and in the technologic projects, targeted to the efficiency of the enterprises activity.

In 2007 we have created the trade-mark BYinnovation which develops the culture in the entrepreneurs and in the management community about the practices of efficiency and competitive innovation.

We publish every day on  the news from and for the worldwide managers: new technologies, new products, new solutions, new ideas, market trends…

We have gathered an integrated team of suppliers of qualified products and services, including the financial solutions for the sustainability of the innovative investments, working in partnership with our clients to get the best solutions for their productive system.

The Responsible and Innovative Efficiency, supported by the qualified solutions and technologies, is the effective tool for winning the international competition, thanks the new commercial added value, and for reaching a sustainable developing model.

We are committed to increase the sensitivity and the awareness in every stakeholder, regarding the themes that concern Sustainable Innovation, Efficiency, Competitiveness.

We have the right responses to the needs for the efficiency in the corporate users, already available on the market, but often unknown, due to an ineffective communication.

Since 2010 our working team has developed the use of the Building Rating Value (BRaVe), the evaluation tool projected by GestiTec Politecnico di Milano to increase the building and the operations efficiency.