2017 Agenda

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Exclusive Book Signing

“Make Over” by Stephan Schambach

Stephan Schambach, CEO of NewStore will sign copies of his new book Makeover: How Mobile Flipped the Shopping Cart at Shoptalk Europe on Monday 9 October from 1.15-2.30pm in the Exhibit Hall.

Retail is in the midst of a head-to-toe makeover. The customer has already evolved - she has left the world of channels and platforms and now seeks to engage with her preferred brands on the go through a device in the palm of her hand. Retail, of course, must change with her. But while the customer simply changed her habits, retail as an industry must engage in a full makeover. Retailers must look at all their relationships and reassess, reconfigure, relaunch. This book examines the web of retail relationships, shows how mobile is transforming those relationships and the ways in which retail can and must adapt to thrive. Perhaps the most obvious and urgent is the need for retail to transform its relationship with customers, followed by relationships with a store, associate, corporate structure, technology, data, loyalty programs, and the brand itself. Read this book to assess all aspects of your retail business and build a roadmap for mobile success. From high level strategic thinking to the detailed 'how to' advice, this book will inspire and guide those ready to embrace the flipped customer expectations, create new relationships and thrive in the mobile age.

Make Over by Stephan Schambach