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350+ CEOs

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Shoptalk Europe covers innovation in retail and ecommerce. It focuses on the evolution of how consumers discover, shop and buy in an age of digital disruption. The event will be held on 8-11 October 2017 and bring together over 2,000 individuals, including 225+ world-class speakers, from across Europe and the world as well as from all ecosystem stakeholders and a wide range of industry verticals.

Established retailers and brands, startups, tech companies, investors, media and analysts are all attending Shoptalk Europe to learn, collaborate and evolve.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to join a fresh new conversation and community! Join us in Europe in 2017 and then plan to come to Shoptalk in 2018 in Las Vegas for an expanded, global experience.

Fast Facts From Our U.S. Event

Fast Facts From Our U.S. Event

Company Stages

Media Coverage

  • “The inaugural Shoptalk conference… highlighted the discourse taking place from within, ranging from the broader macro trends impacting retail to diving into the weeds of high technology.”

  • “Shoptalk 2016 gave me immense confidence that the talent is out there. Anil Aggarwal is a genius because he provided a forum for the convergence of these eclectic voices that will provide a playbook for the future of retail.”

  • “If the retail world can agree on one thing, it is that the line up at Shoptalk 2016 is impressive… The retail industry has been waiting for an event like this.”

  • “If one thing is clear at this gathering of the retail industry’s top brass, it is that pretty much everyone in the sector is figuring out how to beat, collaborate with or be the next Amazon.com.”

  • “As someone who has attended or spoken at hundreds of conferences globally spanning more than two decades, I was blown away. Had you been there, you wouldn’t have believed that Shoptalk was in its inaugural year.”

  • “Only in its first year, the conference is generating loads of buzz, with tickets selling out, even after organisers added an additional 1,000 slots.”

  • “At Shoptalk, practical tech is grabbing more dollars than sexy tech.”

Retailers & Brands

The Game is Changing

Shoptalk Europe provides an unprecedented opportunity to meet with European and global retailers and brands, startup disruptors, technology providers and venture capital investors.

Learn about the latest trends,
business models and technologies.

Network and collaborate
in new ways.


Move to the Next Level!

Startups are redefining retail and ecommerce. Shoptalk Europe provides startups with an unparalleled opportunity to form key product, distribution and other partnerships with investors, Internet companies, retailers, brands, media, analysts and more.


Find The Latest & Greatest!

Shoptalk Europe brings together a senior-level audience of retail and ecommerce industry leaders and disruptors. There's no better place for investors to meet the most innovative startups and hear industry perspectives from all ecosystem stakeholders to evaluate opportunities.


Shoptalk Europe’s speakers are leaders and innovators. From established brands to innovative new startups and prolific investors, over half of Shoptalk Europe’s speakers are CEOs or founders.


An Agenda that Breaks All the Rules!

Retail and ecommerce are changing globally. Around the world, new technologies, trends and business models are rapidly transforming the way people discover, shop and buy all of their physical goods, from grocery to fashion and everything in between.

The Shoptalk Europe agenda addresses these changes at a local, regional and global level. It includes new announcements, critical debate, thoughtful questions and impactful answers.

Exhibit & Sponsor

Reach The Entire Retail & Ecommerce Ecosystem

With a large and exceptionally senior audience, Shoptalk Europe presents an incredible opportunity to:

Engage with senior
decision makers

Build brand

Launch new products
to the industry and media


We partner with media, analysts and others to both co-market as well as for onsite editorial coverage.

Venue & Copenhagen

Copenhagen Lord Mayor, Mr. Frank Jensen

“We are very pleased that Shoptalk Europe will be held in Copenhagen, a highly desirable European destination with tradition, history and culture but that is also a catalyst for innovation. We look forward to contributing to the ongoing growth and development of the retail and ecommerce ecosystem.”

--Copenhagen Lord Mayor, Mr. Frank Jensen